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A new threat has appeared near Fuyuki City! In the small town of Fukusaki, a recent infestation of Dead Apostles has begun. While the Church has not called a temporary ceasefire to the Magus Wars, all participants are asked to turn their attention to this new threat before it overruns Fuyuki City! The question is -- who is behind the infestation? And why?

On top of that, Saska has put in a lot of hard work to design us a new skin to announce this plot event!

No OTMs as of yet!

Please check back later for updates!
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"Once every sixty years, seven Masters shall summon seven Servants to aid them in battle. This battle will become known as the Holy Grail Wars." A year and a half ago, those wars came to an abrupt end -- the acts of Shirou Emiya, with the help of Rin Tohsaka and his servant, Saber, led to the destruction of the Grail. This act threw the world of mages into chaos, pitting magi against magi in a bloody, gruesome battle to show whose abilities would make them victorious. Despite the loss of the Grail, anomalies in the city where it once manifested began again -- Servants, appearing as familiars once more to their Masters, no longer limited to one of each of the seven classes. Welcome to the Magus Wars.
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Darker Reflections

Crossing Field :// a sword art online roleplay
Archer 05 00
Saber 04 04
Lancer 02 00
Rider 04 00
Berserker 02 01
Caster 01 01
Assassin 00 02
Master 16 09
Magus 00 00
TOTALS 34 17

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